Spay and Neuter for Dogs and Cats in Longview, TX

What to Expect from Cat and Dog Neuter and Spay in Longview, TX

As a new puppy or kitten grows, you may be wondering about the best time for and what to expect from cat and dog neuter and spay surgery. Because the benefits of this surgery far outweigh any drawbacks, you’ll want to time it just right. Additionally, it may be nice to note the medical and behavioral benefits for your pet since they’re aplenty. If you live in Longview or surrounding communities, visit us for spay and neuter surgery that keeps veterinary medicine’s best practices in mind.

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When to Have Your Cat or Dog Neutered or Spayed

Though the best time for spay or neuter surgery varies from one pet to the next, a general timeline can be kept in mind.  Remember that pets left intact will require a greater level of care to ensure their safety. Generally, most pets can be spayed or neutered at six months old. If you adopted a new puppy or kitten, schedule a puppy or kitten exam with us as soon as possible. Then, we can help you determine exactly when your pet should be spayed or neutered.

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Helping Your Pet Live Healthier

When you have your male pet neutered or your female pet spayed, you give them behavioral benefits they’re unlikely to receive any other way. Even more, this common procedure gives them innumerable medical benefits in addition to increasing the quality of your lives together. As a result, cat and dog neuter and spay surgery helps your pet live a healthier life overall.

The benefits for your male pet include:

  • The chances for testicular cancer are eliminated.
  • The occurrence of prostate disease is greatly reduced.
  • Any urine spraying or marking behavior is reduced or eliminated.
  • Roaming behavior that can result in your pet becoming lost or injured is reduced or eliminated.
  • Mounting behavior in dogs is reduced or eliminated.

The benefits for your female pet include:

  • The occurrence of mammary gland tumors is reduced.
  • Any chances of developing ovarian cancer are eliminated.
  • Any chances of developing uterine cancer are eliminated.
  • Worrisome roaming behavior is reduced or eliminated.
  • Urine spraying or marking behavior is reduced or eliminated.
  • Any unwanted pregnancies and litters are reduced or eliminated (dependent on when you have your pet spayed.)

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They were our angels. They referred her for surgery on Nov was an amazing success and she is 100% Abbie again. She's our miracle!! They were all so proud of her recovery....they care for her.
Jackie S.