Taylor Veterinary Clinic Reviews in Longview, TX


"I love Taylor Vet Clinic. Dr Taylor has taken care of my pets for years. I really like his replacement as well. Dr Taylor would make sure we pet owners are left in good hands!! The staff is awesome too. So kind and caring!!!"

-Marilyn H.M.

"Compassionate and caring people work here! I came here out of the blue when my baby had a growth on his leg and they did everything in their power to help me understand what was going on and how to best treat the issue. If I had questions they took the time to answer and even let us send pictures to a personal phone to see if he had an infection once. I won't be going anywhere else for the care of my baby! They love him as much as I do ! Thank you Taylor Vet Clinic you guys are #1 in my book"

-Lacy A.

"Very caring facility! They are gentle with the animals and take good care of them."

-Vilia P.


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"Been going to Taylor Clinic for 5 years now, staff is always nice and attentive to my fur babies. I've meet the new vet Dr. Nick Mclemin nice guy, answered all my questions, even though it keep them there late I never felt rushed so they could go home. Seems to really care about the quality of life for my senior a 14 yr old Dachshund."

-Kathy T.

"Taking your pet to the vet can often feel like a chaotic, stressful ordeal sitting on your plate. Taylor Vet Clinic showed me it doesn't have to be that way.
Today, I brought in my aging dog and cat for their senior wellness checkups. Johnette and Dr. McClimon were AWESOME, taking such great care of my pets I wanted to share my experience with others.

First, Johnette made us feel right at home with her genuine friendliness. (How often can you say you feel comfortable at a vet's office? Johnette does this RIGHT!) If your pets are nervous, or if you get nervous taking your fur babies to the vet, Taylor Vet Clinic is for you. My dog shakes when she gets nervous, and I was amazed to see her stop shaking as Johnette and Dr. McClimon gently handled her during the checkup. Truly impressive, and I loved how my dog was treated so gently.
Dr. McClimon had a soothing bedside manner as he took care of my pets. I appreciated how he took the time to thoroughly examine results, view the specimens himself, and explain everything to me in real-people speak.
He will be honest with you and let you know what is a problem, how to fix it, what isn't an issue, and what to watch out for in the future. He will answer all your questions, and he is more than delighted to dedicate time to help you understand how to best care for (and understand) your pets.
Though it was my first visit with Dr. McClimon, he interacted with my pets as if they had always been good friends. It is evident he truly cares about animals, their health, and helping pet owners be well-informed caretakers.
I was so happy to see my fur babies treated gently and with lots of love here at Taylor Vet Clinic. If you are nervous, or if your pets are nervous...go here! They will take great care of your family.
EDIT: They welcome walk-ins, so you do not have to worry about making an appointment."

-Hannah A.

Taylor Veterinary Clinic Reviews in Longview, TX

"As much as I hate taking my baby to the vet, the staff makes it better! Rhonda and Johnette, y'all are my girls! You always make me feel better when I come in a hot blubbering mess. As for Dr. Nick, I'm glad he took over for Dr. Taylor. You can tell he's very compassionate about his job and is eager to love on my sweet Riley. He always 

answer all my questions not matter how ridiculous they may sound. Rest of the staff is awesome too. Love you guys!!!! #bestvetinlongview"

-Kenzi R.

"This morning was the first time I had the pleasure of meeting Dr Nicholas McClimon. Best experience ever! He was so kind, thoughtful, & really worked with me to help my 12 yr old dog. I feel very encourage with the future plan that he made. I really felt he had the best interest of my dogs wellbeing. Please if you haven't already been in. Make a point to. You will love him. We have taken our dogs here since 2001. Also, we love Jonette. If it wasnt for her we wouldn't have come back after Dr. Taylor left."

-Susan H.K.

"Has done good by our pet for years. Cares about the customers/pets."

-Kaya C.

"Vet and staff are absolutely awesome. They have been so good to our dog Zoe Jane and our sons cat Blue. Thank all of y'all for treating them like your own!"

-Kalista C.

"The best vet and staff! They love non-humans as much as I do ❤❤❤ they are happy to explain your pets situation until you fully understand. They don't rush you in and out and they really listen and try to help you make your pets quality of life the best it can be."

-Laynetta M.

"Saved my little girls life when she was sick 😷 we love the sweet staff and the new doc is really wonderful, he truly loves these animals. You can tell by the way he talks to them and discusses their care with you. I'll never see another vet! 🐶💕"

-Trisha K.

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