Dog and Cat Allergy Treatments in Longview, TX

Dog and Cat Allergy Treatments in Longview, TX: Caring for Your Pet’s Skin

Your pet may be hiding dry, irritated skin under loads of fur, but you may notice white flakes and redness indicating skin concerns. Oftentimes, pet dermatology involves diagnosing and treating allergies your dog or cat may be suffering from. Other times, it involves treating secondary infections that develop when skin is continually irritated from allergies, parasites, or chronic inflammatory conditions.

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Causes of Skin Allergies

While pets suffer from the same types of allergies we do, they primarily exhibit their symptoms through their skin. They may show allergies to pollen, trees, mold, grass, or dust through red, itchy skin. They may also be experiencing food sensitivities or flea allergies. Only a brief encounter with a flea can cause skin problems because a single allergic bite causes an exorbitant amount of discomfort.


Cat and Dog Skin Allergy Treatments

Due to the variety of allergies your pet may have, we help you manage them a variety of ways. Some of the ways we treat skin allergies:

  • If your pet has seasonal-type allergies, we may recommend antihistamines.
  • We soothe inflamed skin with specially medicated shampoos.
  • When food allergies are the culprit, we’ll work with you to adjust your pet’s diet and recommend hypoallergenic prescription food.
  • Finally, we have a variety of prescription medications available to control fleas or chronic skin conditions, like atopic dermatitis.

Treating Skin Infections

When pets have allergies, they can easily develop secondary skin infections. These skin infections can either be bacterial or fungal in nature. Since your pet’s course of treatment depends on the type of infection, we’ll sample skin scrapings to analyze in our laboratory. It’s important to bring your pet in immediately if you suspect a skin infection because they cannot be treated without prescription medication. Once we determine whether your pet is suffering from a yeast or bacterial infection, we can prescribe the necessary medication. Regardless of whether the infection is from yeast or bacteria, your pet will experience dry, itchy, irritated, and painful skin.

Ear Infections

One of the most common infections we treat is ear infections. This skin infection stems from ear mites, which are tiny, contagious bugs that invade your pet’s ear canals. Because ear mites are incredibly itchy, pets scratch and easily break open their skin. Thus, they open themselves up to infection.

Signs of ear infections include:

  • Frequent head shaking
  • Dry, scaly skin around the ears
  • Black build up in and around the ears
  • Pawing at their ears

From cat and dog allergies to infections, we’re ready to take care of your four-legged friend at Taylor Veterinary Clinic. Call us at 903-759-7611 for any of our pet dermatology services!

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