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Cat or Dog Boarding Services

When your pet is used to having you around, their potential anxiety can almost make you think twice about going away. You may wonder whether having a neighbor, friend, or family member check on them is sufficient. In most cases, it's not. Socialized pets can have separation anxiety when left alone for long periods. Even cats who seem independent feel anxiety when left home alone. Fortunately, there’s a better way to leave your pet during an extended trip. If you live in Longview or surrounding communities, use our cat or dog boarding services for expertly trained care while you’re away.


Update Vaccines Before Your Pet’s Stay

Since vaccinations inhibit the spread of highly contagious diseases, we require our guests to be current on their vaccination schedules. This is especially important because most of the illnesses vaccines protect against are easily spread in environments where pets are in contact. Furthermore, the incubation period, when pets are showing no symptoms, is when they’re most contagious. While animal viruses and bacteria spread easily, current vaccinations and boosters keep our cat and dog boarders healthy and well cared for.

Vaccines we require of our dog guests:

  • Rabies protects against the dangerous virus that is also required by law.
  • Distemper-parvo is a core vaccine important for all dogs.
  • Bordetella (kennel cough) protects against bacterium causing upper respiratory issues.

Vaccines we require of our cat guests:

  • Rabies protects against the dangerous virus that is also required by law.
  • Feline distemper is a core vaccine important for all cats.
Pet Boarding in Longview: Cat lying down
Pet Boarding Longview: Dog snoozing

Bring a Clean Pet Home! Yep, We Bathe Them Too

Our pet boarding services include daily walks and runs for dogs. As good as it is for your dog to stay active throughout their stay, it can make for a smelly pup. Cats get the royal treatment with a bath at the end of their visit with us too. We know this is especially nice because it's somewhat tricky to bathe cats at home. Similiar to how nice it is to bring a clean pet home, medicated shampoos soothe itchy, dry skin that causes dander.  All our baths make use of specially medicated shampoos for a cleaner pet, but also healthier skin. Contact us or stop in for more information about our boarding services! We provide friendly, superior care for you and your pet.


No better people or place to care for my fur babies! Love everything about this clinic.
Angela M.

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